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Where we are
  • Majoliche B&B
    Bed & Breakfast a Malta
  • Majoliche Eating
    Restourant, Pizzeria, Lounge Bar
  • Majoliche Show Room
    Majoliche Interior Design
Majoliche B & B
B & B at Malta
The B & B "Le Majoliche" is a 5-minute walk from the beach of San Julian, a 3-minute walk from the center of nightlife, 100 meters from the bus stop where they make clothes all main lines, a 5-minute walk by known Drogonara and Portomaso casino, a 3-minute walk from the famous strip mall Bay Street, 20 meters from the taxi stop.
Maioliche Eating
Restourant Pizzeria Lounge Bar
The restaurant "Le Majoliche" is located 80 meters from the pi & ugrave; Central and known of Malta "Pavecille". It has 50 seats with a veranda where and 'can admire the cooratissimo carpet of majolica. Our offer is based on quality ingredients' ...
Maioliche Show Room
Interior Design
In 1999 he born "Scianna Ceramics" a laboratory which bases its production in the realization of ancient bricks with the rediscovery of historical decorations, using only materials that were used at the time. In almost ten years of artistic activity interventions they were made in the most important palaces of Palermo as Palazzo Ganci, Palazzo Help me Christ, Palazzo Naples, Palazzo Burgio, the Oratory of SS. Elena and Constantine, Palazzo Pasqualino and Villa Valguarnera Bagheria. Scianna Pottery is an art workshop family, and for this reason can produce tiles of excellent quality from all points of view, also ensured by the special care taken in every stage of production.

Welcome to "Le Majoliche"

B&B - Restourant, Pizzeria, Longue Bar - Show Room Interior Design.

There are many reasons to visit Malta. The first that comes to mind, as "trivial", is represented by its beaches and its sea. But not the only, because Malta has a long history 7,000 years and is a country rich in events and events not to be missed.

The country consists of three islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino, destinations suitable for all ages and are able to combine different styles of holiday. Do not miss the capital, Valletta, UNESCO. Among the main attractions stands out the co-cathedral, inside which is preserved one of the most important paintings of Caravaggio, "The Beheading of St. John the Baptist." For the romantics, there Mdina, where you can enjoy wonderful sunsets. Also on the island of Malta, worth a visit the megalithic complex of Hagar Qin, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Gozo and Comino are perfect for those looking for an adventure, with their green landscapes and opportunities to make beautiful excursions in the green nature. Find fun, it can be found in Saint Julian, once a small fishing village and now a tourist destination among the most coveted in Europe, for its vitality perfect for youngsters.

Malta is the sea, sun, fun. But also culture, with many events and festivals which take place every year, and nature, with proposals and itineraries for all tastes.